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Property Name: Watchic Woods Conservation Watershed
Location: Standish
Year Acquired: 2015
Acreage (approx): 423
Donor: Anonymous Donation of 289 acres in 2015: Maine Woodland Owners purchased 134 acres in 2018
Description: This combined property is located in Standish, between Oak Hill Road, Job Road and Route 113.
Key Features: The donated portion of the property was heavily harvested in the early 2000’s, prior to ownership by Maine Woodland Owners. Nearly all of the commercially valuable timber was removed during this harvest. The property was made available to Maine Woodland Owners to protect and manage for timber growth and water quality. The site now has tremendous potential for growth and improvement of timber quality. There is an existing ATV trail on the property that has resulted in damage to two major crossings on the property. Maine Woodland Owners expects to repair the water crossings and portions of the trail to protect water quality. Replacement of two bridges on the property was accomplished in 2018 using NRCS cost share funding.

The portion of the property that was purchased in 2018 shares many of the same qualities as the donated property. This property also has strong regeneration and provides valuable access to the donated parcel from Route 113. Combined, the two properties provide significant protection of water quality in the Watchic Watershed.

Public Access Information: Maine Woodland Owners makes all of its properties open and available to the public. We ask that the public treat all of our properties with respect. Allowed uses on this woodlot include hiking, hunting, and x-country skiing and nature walks. All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) are not allowed on Maine Woodland Owners property unless there is a written agreement with a local ATV club. There is an agreement for ATV use with the local ATV club on this property. Continuation of that agreement will depend largely on the respect ATV users have for the trail and property. All ATV traffic is limited to the established trail only. No campfires or overnight camping is allowed on any Maine Woodland Owners property. We ask that you carry out what you carry in and leave the property as you found it. Contact us directly with any questions concerning allowed public uses of our property.