Annual Appeal

2019 marks our 43rd year helping woodland owners.  Our existence is possible thanks to the financial support of individuals and supporters. We are grateful for our dues-paying members, but it takes the support of members and contributors to fund Maine Woodland Owners mission. Our membership dues cover only 26% of our operating budget. This is why your support of our Annual Appeal is so important.

We are grateful to our members and supporters who contributed to last year’s Annual Appeal. Our most successful ever!  This year we are doing something we have never done in our history. In addition to our 2019 Annual Appeal goal of $75,000, we are hoping to raise additional funds toward the purchase of an important parcel of land.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, we already owned a significant parcel in Standish.  A key parcel adjoining that holding came on the market, which would ensure access and represents some of the finest tree growing land in the area, as well as abundant wildlife, recreational trails, and water resources.  Because time was short, we moved quickly to secure a loan to acquire it. The parcel is 134 acres, which we purchased for $135,000. That brought our total contiguous ownership to 423 acres.

Purchasing the land was a stretch, but a decision the Board of Directors and staff felt we should make.  The loan must be paid off within three years.  We are hoping to raise $45,000 toward that loan this year in addition to our Annual Appeal.

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How are We Funded?   Where Do the Funds Go?

As a reminder, your support of the Annual Appeal makes many things possible, including to:

  • Publish our monthly 20 page publication, Maine Woodlands, written by landowners for landowners.

  • Host more than 50 workshops directly related to woodland ownership.

  • Represent your interests at the Legislature. We are your voice in Augusta.

This last legislative session was the longest in history and we were there throughout. We can assure you that if we had not been diligent, there would have been many laws enacted or changed, including the Tree Growth Tax Law (TGTL) program, harmful to woodland owners.  We protected the TGTL from all attacks.

A new state administration is coming into office in January.  That will certainly lead to changes, new challenges, and the need to build new relationships (in fact that work is already underway).  The first year of any new administration requires extra time and effort. We will be fully engaged.

When you contribute $150 or more to our Annual Appeal, we will thank you with a special gift of the photographic field guide, Woody Plants of the Northern Forest. For contributions of $250 or more, we are offering you a choice of The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer or a signed copy of Thirty-Eight; The Hurricane That Transformed New England, as a thank you gift.  

We are creating a plaque which will hang in our offices with the name of all donors of $1,000 or more to our Standish land purchase.     

This is the one time each year we ask for your financial support. We know this year’s goals are a stretch, but we felt they were needed to remain vibrant and grow.

Your generous support serves to strengthen our abilities to serve woodland owners in Maine. Please consider increasing your gift this year – we’ll put your contribution to work immediately!

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